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Art of the Table -

This place is to die for.  They have a small space, and only one seating, and you get what they happen to be serving that night.  The owners come out and talk to you about each course.  They're all created with superb (usually local/regional) ingredients. Guests sit communally, and the atmosphere encourages conversation with new people.  It's a tiny little spot between Wallingford and Ballard - well worth the trip

Bastille Café & Bar – French

Boat Street Café

I give my wholehearted foodie recommendation to Boat Street Café:

This gem of a restaurant used to be along the Montlake Cut in the U-District, but I think the university took back the lease on the building/land. Now they are downtown at Western & Denny. I haven’t been to the new location, but the high-rent address alone tells me they are being as successful as ever. Not sure what their décor is like now, but in the location before it was simple and rustic but in that understated-European way. Not a hustle-bustle-see-and-be-seen place, but the focus on the food is exquisite. Gotta make reservation, and give yourself ample time for a leisurely meal. (Read: don’t show up starving – the portion sizes aren’t massive, and your food won’t come in 10 minutes.)

I have had magical dining experiences at this place. I have daydreamed of asking if I might just sit on a stool in the corner of the kitchen and watch them work. I promise I won’t take up much room. . . 

The Crab Pot

Oh and if you want to go places that have been in the foodie tv shows (and are worth it) there is The Crab Pot down on the waterfront just north of the ferry terminals - they have an awesome big outdoor patio out on the end of the pier, and the seafood is gooooooood.

Din Tai Fung -

You'll have to make the trek to Bellevue to go there, but it's well worth it.  The lines are often out the door, but sitting at the bar offers access to the full menu and is usually a much shorter wait.  While waiting, you can watch the cooks make a variety of dumplings through a large glass window.  Be sure to try the soup dumplings that have made them famous, but there's a multitude of really delicious options on their menu.  We haven't had a bad dish yet.

Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Rather than describe each one, I'll just give a list and let you explore on your own.  If I've been there, I'll give you a quick recap

Anchovies & Olives -  Capitol Hill.  Italian food, focusing on seafood.  Was just there a couple weeks ago.  It was good, though not my favorite of his restaurants.

How to Cook a Wolf - Queen Anne.  Get there early - this place is tiny and fills quickly.  We went for a Dine Around Seattle event with another couple, and got to try nearly everything on the menu.  It was all incredible.

Tavolata -  Haven't been there, but hear it's great

Staple & Fancy -  Ballard.  This is the restaurant that shares a glass wall with The Walrus & The Carpenter.  This is my favorite Ethan Stowell restaurant so far.  We put ourselves at the mercy of their chef for a prix fixe dinner.  We had no idea what we'd get, but it was all fantastic.

Flying Fish in South Lake Union....yummy calamari!

Ipanema Grill is super yummy, its on 1st right in the middle of downtown, and is a Brazilian steakhouse - as in the kind of place where they have the big swords of different kinds of meat they bring around and you can buy the 'all you can eat' choice where you get to keep trying all the kinds of meat along with their cold & hot food bar.  OMG good.

Little Red Theatre? They have fun and fun stuff going on. - CLOSED

  • Ya.  Super neat shows at Little Red Studio, but the food isn't the reason to go, its more of a convenience to be able to get food & drinks there before a show or before having some fun next door at the Sharma Center. (MMmmmm fun at the Sharma Center)

Marrakesh is a Moroccan restaurant in Belltown (between Queen Anne and downtown) and it is also fantastic - though they should call to make a reservation because they have specific seating times esp. nights there is a belly dancer.

The Metropolitan Grill
If she's got money to spend and likes red meat, (south end of the business downtown district).  When they say they are the best steakhouse in Seattle, they aren't kidding.  I recently went there and spent $50 on a 16 oz steak that fed me for three meals.  It was SO good.  

The Melting Pot

Pink Door is super good (Pike Place Market).

Poppy on Capitol Hill – yumminess

Then there is Salumi's, which is in Pioneer Square and only open for lunch, and the line is out the door and around the corner.  Ridiculous-good salami's and fresh mozzarellas and
sandwiches etc.  They make a mole salami that is an amazing taste cascade.  And by 'mole' I mean the brown mexican sauce - I can't make my computer make that accent over the 'e'. *drooool*  Expect a looooong line.

Shilla Restaurant Downtown‎2300 8th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121-1908(206) 381-1207‎

FABULOUS korean and japanese food. ask to sit in the little rooms on the floor where you take your shoes off and your feet dangle (sorry i cannot remember the name of that), but you get to cook your own seasoned meats AND order sushi! we took sam and steve there and stuffed ourselves so much that we had to roll onto the floor out of our seats before being able to stand up!


Spur Gastropub, 113 Blanchard Street, Seattle, WA 98121, (206) 728-6706

Awesome tapas. amazing drink menu. small, hip place, but can get kind of loud because the ceilings are really high.

mmmm, i am so hungry right now!

The Tamarind Tree is in the International District (just south east of downtown) and is a super fantastic Vietnamese restaurant with deelicious fancy cocktail list - and totally an unexpectedly nice and cool place tucked back behind another place in what looks like an armpit parking lot & strip mall.  Not a place you happen upon, only a place you're told about.

Teatro Zinzanni. 

There are lots of good places on Queen Anne, though nothing that I think of as a magical experience, except Teatro Zinzanni.  Which is a total magical experience, but also pretty pricey since it’s a whole circus dinner theater thing.

  • I was going to say Teatro Zinzanni as well.  Not sure about the food but heard the show is good.
  • Zinzanni is a lot of fun, but I didn't find the food stellar. The "show" makes up for it. A bit pricey....and ya need to be prepared to not just be entertained but potentially be part of the entertainment.

The Triple Door Theatre
Really yummy food and cocktails while watching a music act - not sure when she will be here or who is featured that night but it is a great place to go.

Volterra - Italian

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Owned by the same woman who was chef at Boat Street Cafe, this little restaurant has a unique location BEHIND another restaurant.  They share a glass wall, so diners from one restaurant can peek in on those in the other.  This place is known for their oysters and their cocktails, though the steak tartar was divine as well.  The space is light and bright, but very small. I don't think they take reservations, so be sure to come early.

Wild Ginger

  • Yes, Yes to the Wild Ginger!!  I couldn't remember the name of that darn restaurant but I've eaten there twice and been delighted each time BUT bring a flashlight cuz it's really really really DARK in there...
  • Yes to Wild Ginger also.  Love it.  During the day its super bright with big windows, during the night time is super dark.